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Idea for a cause


Hi there ..

Some times we want to export the data in our database to an Excel file for many purpose.. (for example to filter it).. so I’ve programmed an application that convert database table’s data to excel file..


  • Convert database table’s data to an excel file.
  • Select the table that you want from a list easily.
  • Free and licensed under LGPL.

Screen shot:

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Application Path

كثيراً مانحتاج لمعرفة مسار البرنامج ولمعرفة مسار البرنامج يمكن تطبيق التعليمة التالية :

string path = Path.GetDirectoryName(Application.ExecutablePath);


إلى اللقاء

Key down event

Hello there..

If you want to execute a code when press a key, this code is what you want

// Handle the KeyDown event to determine the type of character entered into the control.
private void textBox1_KeyDown(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs e)
   if (e.KeyCode ==Keys.Enter)
        // do some thing

Enjoy it...

Fridge !! and code !… :)

If you think this blog is for food then you must be hungry ..

This blog is to share my code and application and maybe something else …

So have a nice time..




but what is the relation between code and fridge …?

maybe to keep my codes fresh…